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Anthony B «Sweet Jamaica»

Enviado por el 3 junio, 2010 – 0:50One Comment

El artista jamaicano Anthony B lanza en forma de descarga gratuita el tema «Sweet Jamaica» producido por Lazeme Music en respuesta a la triste situación que está atravesando la isla.

Anthony B declaraba:

«The current situation in has caused an enormous uproar within the entire country. In times like these, it is up to us as individuals to make conscientious decisions and stand up for not what is popular, but for what we know is right. This is affecting our country on a whole, and can greatly impact our future and our children’s future. All aspects of the country’s economy are at stake. And any action that disrupts the daily normal activities for Jamaicans or of life cannot be good. Being a part of the Rastafarian & community it has always been my belief that peace, love & unity are what uplift a nation. And as the old Jamaican saying goes, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. So we all need to work together to resolve this as soon as possible, and bring back the «irieness» to our sweet little Jamaica! Jah Love!»


Vía: Unitedreggae


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