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Trash & Ready Crew «Digital Mix»

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Ranking Dread – Sting Stang Champion (Crystal)
Jr. Delgado – Time to Work (Saxon)
Horace Martin – Watermelon Man (Mr. Tipsy)
Pinchers – Mass Out (Saxon)
Pinchers – Young, Fresh, and Green (Linwood)
Crime Stoppa – Hardcore Loving
Anthony Red Rose – Can’t Knock Me (Firehouse)
Ray-I – Rougher Dan Dem (Crystal)
Horace Ferguson – Great Stone (Ujama)
Paul Blake & the Bloodfire Posse – Rub-a-dub Soldier (Studio Worx)
Steve Knight – Rodeo (Gorgon)
Sammy Levi – Come off of the Road (Eclipse)
Veggie Bun – Alarm (Kesta)
King Kong – Musical Terrorist (Our Land Sound)
Tonto Irie – Hot Bout Ya (Rythem Track)
Papa Levi – Ram Jam Capitalism (Treco)
Michael Prophet & Ricky Tuffy – Your Love (Passion)
Steve Knight – Too Much a Dem One Time (Ridim Force)
Robert Lee – Youthman a Fear (Mass Hugh)
Hubert Francis – Slave Driver (Tycoon)
Akenzie Stevens & the Tufftones – Let it Play (Trojan)
Winston Turner & the Tuff tones – Digital Style (Trojan)
King Kong – Ninja (Sunset)
Lyrical – Halla Fi Me (Sunset)
Junior Frost – Lyrics Degree (Dignitary)
Philip Myers – Getho Struggle (Junior Militant)
Winston Turner – Rastafari (Trojan)
Conrad Crystal – Time Bomb (Crown H.I.M.)
Tena Stelin – Burial (Vibes Sounds)
Mikey General – Parring P (Digikal)
Trevor Hartley – This Must Be Love (Fu Manchu)
Johnny Clarke – Give Yourself a Try (World Enterprise)
Echo Minott – Jolly Bus (Witty)
Pad Anthony – Turn Me Loose (Witty)
Tonto Irie – Cooker (Vibes)
Johnnie Clarke – I Man Come Again (World Enterprise)
Nitty Gritty – Under the Moonlight (Black Victory)
Sister Nandi – Badness Don’t Pay (Tashee)
King General – Broke Again (Conscious Sounds)
King General – Got to be Conscious (Conscious Sounds)


Vía: www.dancecrasher.co.uk

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