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Mavado «Star Bwoy»

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Nuevo vídeo de Mavado dirigido por Winston “Tyson” Mayhew.

El vídeo incluye imágenes del retorno del artista a Nueva York tras una larga ausencia en los Estados Unidos debido a la cancelación de su visa en 2008. La camara acompaña a Mavado y su entorno por NY.

“We had Tyson travel with us on that trip to capture the history as it unfolded” comenta el manager del artista, Julian Jones-Griffith. “It was a moment in time that needed to be captured, and the footage we got was even more than we expected. It was a very memorable weekend, and we have it all recorded. We are going to release a DVD/music package this Summer, made from that weekend and a couple other trips we shot as well. It’s going to give Mavado’s fans a chance to see him like never before, and this Star Bwoy video will give them a teaser of that. It all came together perfectly when we decided to also use Tyson to shoot the Star Bwoy video.»

“You know we always do our ting different,” declara Mavado. “My fans are always asking me for more visuals, but we have to make sure everything is right and stands out from everybody else. The way we put this video together with new and old footage makes it really unique, I know my fans are going to love it. They can expect a lot more from me this year too, no ease up.»

Vía: www.dancehall.mobi


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