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Chronic Sound «Dancehall Xplosion»

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Nueva mixtape de Chronic Sound de una hora y media de duración. Incluye a artistas internacionales como Beenie Man, Busy Signal, Gyptian, Shaggy, Mr. Vegas, así como temas de artistas nacionales como Mr. Rango, Novato, Lasai o Chulito Camacho.

01. Mr.Rango Xclusive “La Gloria o la Ruina” (Intro)
02. Bugle “Take Care a Mama”
03. Demarco “It Ruff”
04. I-Octane “Fake Frenz”
05. J Boog “Love Me”
06. Red Rose “All I wanna Do”
07. Tarrus Riley “Sorry is a sorry word”
08. Peetah Morgan “Caribbean Queen”
09. I Octane “Can’t Get Over”
10. Christopher Martin “Push Back”
11. Million Stylez “Holliday”
12. Mr.Lexx “Dem A Wife”
13. Cali P “Inna the Party”
14. Gyptian ft Hollow Point “Til A Morning”
15. Mr.Vegas “Beautiful Life”
16. Munga “Call Di Waitress
17. Adde Productions “BBQ Version”
18. Notch “Matee or Marriage”
19. Khago “Fuck Summer”
20. Charly Black “Claaaty Again”
21. Demarco “This is the life”
22. Hollow Point “Nah Laugh”
23. Erup “Forever”
24. Chan Dizzy “Herbalist”
25. Gappy Ranks “Maddest Thing”
26. Big Bout Ya Records “Rock & Stop Version”
27. Pinchers “Yellow Belly Vaquero”
28. Junior Demus “Talk Too Much”
29. Junior Cat “Ready fi di Whole a Dem”
30. Daddy Shark “Guns Out”
31. Ajrenalin “You Have It”
32. Bay C ft Anonimous “I’m only Human”
33. Delly Ranks “Grab On”
34. RDX “Home to mi Mama”
35. VoiceMail “Find You”
36. Agent Sasco “Dutty Cartoon”
37. Agent Sasco “Shop Keeper”
38. Chino “Joe Grind”
39. Shaggy “A Who”
40. Chulito Camacho Xclusive Chronic Medley
41. General Degree “First Class”
42. Beenie Man ft Ican “Realest Gyal”
43. Busy Signal “Til It Buck”
44. Gyptian ft Brilliant “Summer Summer”
45. Konshens “Stop Sign”
46. Tanya Stephens “Feeling It”
47. Lasai Chronic Xclusive “U Pussy Tight”
48. Taranchyla “Gal Fool”
49. Delly Ranks “World General”
50. Sizzla “None A Dat”
51. Novato Xclusive Chronic Medley
52. Beenie Man & Malica “Reminisce”
53. Fambo “Roll Out”
54. General Degree “Hold On”
55. Notch “NaNa”
56. Shaggy & Shaki “Anything”
57. Gappy Ranks “Any Gal Mi Waah”
58. Mr. Lexx “Gi Dem Problem”
59. Advance “Call My Phone”
60. Manny Ledesma Chronic Xclusive
61. Capleton “Ungrateful”
62. Kalibwoy Karlito “Gyall Wi Seh”
63. Million Styllez “Ya Habibti”
64. Norrisman “Gimmi Di Weed”
65. Rebellious “Hot Gal”
66. T’Nez “Fall In Love”
67. Ward 21 ft Million Stylez “Wah Dem Wah”
68. Ward 21 “Monkey Barrel” Version
69. Kingdah Chronic Xclusive “Passan de Ti” (Pussy Hater)
70. Dingoe Starr Chronic Xclusive
71. Ward 21 “Kingston and St.Andrew”
72. Red Rat “A Couple More Rounds”
73. Point O “More Gal”
74. Mr.Peppa “Plead My Cause”
75. Mr.Lexx ft Lambert “Sickest Flow”
76. Million Stylez “Tell Dem Straight”
77. Lambert “Dem A Hater”
78. Gappy Ranks “Good Luck”
79. General Degree “Haul And Pull”
80. Mad Anju “Back Off”
81. Kruger “Chune Riddim” Version
82. Spragga Benz “Queens Highway”
83. Lady Saw “Yuh Man Mi A Look”
84. Charly Black feat Trelawny Citizens “Officer Please”
85. Konshens “Badman Settinz”
86. Beenie Man “Gal I Know Yuh”
87. Darrio “Old School”
88. Kari Jess “We nuh Fraid”
89. Konshens “Hot Patty”
90. Tarrus Riley “Center of Attraction”
91. Leftside “Tic-Toc”
92. Bounty Killer & Ward 21 “Badder Than That”
93. Dingoe Starr Chronic Xclusive
94. Red Rat “Hip Hip Hooray”
95. Leftside ft Tinkerbell “Begginz”
96. Bounty Killer “Ride”
97. Sankofa Productions “Siloh Rock” Version
98. Kingdah Chronic Xclusive “Lado Oscuro”
99. Lashe Chronic Xclusive “Me ponen Mala”
100. Lasai Chronic Xclusive “Green Paper”
101. Beenie Man & Kiprich “Chat Some Lyrics”
102. Aidonia “Hold Yuh Man”
103. Beenie Man “Hustler Anthem”
104. Khago “Pan Yu Head”
105. Beenie Man “Duffle Bag”
106. Elephant Man “Di Ting A Work”
107. Navino & Suku “Right Now”
108. Laden “Nah Lie”
109. Lady Saw “Wah Do Some Gal”
110. Singing Sweet “Pagans”
111. Ward 21 “Dust”
112. Chino “Paper Chase”
113. Novato Chronic Xclusive Medley Callaloo Bed

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