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Top 10: Etana’s Female Icons

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La web Large Up publica un curioso Top 10 realizado por la artista jamaicana Etana seleccionando 10 personajes femeninos por los que siente admiración.

La artista, que tras publicar el Ep «Free» se encuentra a punto de lanzar su nuevo álbum para principios del 2011, sorprende con sus respuestas incluyendo en este Top a nombres como Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey o Hillary Clinton.

1. Whitney Houston: “I used to love Whitney Houston growing up–she is one of my favorite singers of all time!”
2. Mariah Carey: “Tell me who else can hit those notes? She has a range that’s all her own.”
3. Oprah Winfey: “She’s done so much for so many people…that’s what I think is inspiring about her.”
4. Nanny of the Maroons: “I really respect Nanny. She was so important to Jamaican history. More people should know about her.”
5. Portia Simpson-Miller: “I love Portia Simpson. I’m a big fan. Her history is really long..when I think of where she came from and what she went through, I like her alot.”
6. Amel Larrieux: “Her harmonies are off the wall. She took most of her influences from the bebop folks, and she released most of her music independently.”
7. Hillary Clinton: “I love Mrs. Clinton. Yes, Hillary Clinton. I actually like her. She’s very strong!
8. Jill Scott: “She’s a diva! She can collect a million dollars a show and she deserves it. When you factor in acting as well? She’s really dynamic.”
9. Marcia Griffiths: “I’ve actually been compared to her numerous times. Coming out of the I Threes… she’s carried on with the music the longest. To this day, she can still headline shows and festivals throughout Europe and such. You’ll see her name on concert bills all the time. She’s never given up and I admire her for that.”
10. Barbra Streisand: “She is the first woman film director to receive the Kennedy Center Honors, and the artist with the longest list of High Achievements I have ever seen.”

Vía: largeup.okayplayer.com

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