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Rebellion the Recaller “In this time”

Enviado por el 17 Abril, 2012 – 19:41 Comments

El artista africano regresa con un nuevo trabajo titulado In this time con colaboraciones de Douvilous, Gentleman, Shabu, Brolik y Hakim (HAK) Abdou Samad.


1. Don’t Give a Damn
2. Ghetto
3. Live In Glory (feat. Douvilous)
4. Road Of Life
5. in This Time
6. Intention (feat. Gentleman)
7. Make Dem Know
8. Cover Up
9. Ultimately
10. We Nah (feat. Douvilous)
11. Greatest Things
12. How Much They Care
13. Keep Me Original (feat. Shabu)
14. Oness
15. Revolution Time (feat. Brolik)
16. So Cold
17. Good Over Evil
18. Murderer
19. Genuine (feat. Hakim (HAK) Abdou Samad)
20. Cool

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+info: www.rebelliontherecaller.net