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MIX ACTUAL #251: SOUNDPOWAH SOUND “Tristan Palmer & Friends – Black Solidarity Label”

Enviado por el 29 Junio, 2015 – 10:00 Comments

SoundPowahDesde nos llega esta mixtape homenaje a Black Solidarity Label. Un corte de una hora 100% Rub a Dub y Roots de los 80’s.

01.Black Solidarity – DSR-6041-B – Version
02.Black Solidarity – DSR-6040-A – Michael Palmer – String Up The Sound System
03.Robert French – Eradication
04.Black solidarity 45079-A Triston Palma – Bad Boys
05.Sammy Dread – Come Back Darling
06.Sammy Dread – This Morning
07.Sammy Dread – Truths And Rights
08.Andy Livingston – Trickle Down
09.Puddy Roots – Champion Bubbler
10.Triston Palma – Buy Out The Bar
11.Triston Palma Dancehall
12.Triston Palma – Dance Little Ghetto Girl
13Triston Palma – Rub-a-Dub Party
14.Sammy Dread – Row Mr. Fisher Man
15.Black Solidarity DSR 2862A – Phillip Frazer – The Siren
16.Triston Palma – Bring the Kutchie
17.Rod Taylor – The Lord Is My Light
18.Ashanti Waugh – Hey Jah
19.Black Solidarity DSR 3802-A Little John – Wahdoher
20.Triston Palma – I Am Ready
21.Triston Palma – Never Let Go
22.Lone Ranger – Trod Along
23.Papa San – Mi Nuh Know
24.Sammy Dread – Read Up Jah Bible
25.George Nooks – Crucial Corporal
26.Lady Ann – Take A Set
27.Triston Palmer – Fussing And Fighting
28.Black Solidarity DSR 2341-B Version
29.Ashanti Waugh – Police Police
30.Triston Palmer – Spliff Tales
31.Sammy Dread – Wat Wah
32.Ashanti Waugh – I Love Jah So
33.Ashanti Waugh – All Over
34.Ashanti Waugh – Gimme De Love
35.Ashanti Waugh – Fret & Worry